Katie Holmes claims her life is a dream come true.

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The former Dawson’s Creek actress says being married to Tom Cruise and becoming a mother to their 22-month-old daughter Suri has completed her and she can’t believe how lucky she is.

She said: “Being in heaven was falling in love with Tom and having our daughter. I’m such a lucky woman. Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming. It was always my dream as a child to marry Tom Cruise!”

Katie, 29, began dating 45-year-old Tom in April 2005, and has been madly in love with the “most wonderful human being” ever since.

She told the Daily Mail: “We just went on this great date together, and it’s been wonderful ever since. He’s the most amazing man in the world. I’m so happy. I love him. I feel like he’s made my life.

“He’s just amazing. He’s kind, generous, smart, he’s Tom Cruise – he’s the most artistic man I’ve ever met. He makes me laugh like I’ve never laughed.

He’s made me feel joy like I never have before. There are so many things.

He’s the most wonderful human being I know.”