Princess Diana wins bring ’em back from the dead award

Princess Diana is the icon the British public would most like to bring back from the dead.

The late princess – who died in a tragic Paris car crash in 1997 – beat off famous names including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Jesus Christ in a survey to find the person most people would love to resurrect for five minutes.

More than a third of the British public said they wanted the princess to come back to life.

Marilyn Monroe – who like Diana was just 36 when she died – took second place, Presley came third, Lennon was fourth and his fellow ex-Beatle George Harrison rounded off the top five. Jesus Christ came sixth in the list of
top ten icons.

The survey – conducted by Virgin Mobile to launch its Get Paid As You Go scheme – also found that given the chance to become anyone for five minutes, the majority of the British public would love to be reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth.

A staggering 40 per cent of those surveyed would jump at the chance to become the 81-year-old queen.

Finally, asked if they could reverse any moment in history 65 per cent would like to erase the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US, which cost almost 3,000

Diana’s fatal high-speed car crash in a Paris tunnel also ranked high up on the list.

Virgin Mobile’s top six icons the British public would most like to bring back from the dead for five minutes:

1.Princess Diana
2.Marilyn Monroe
3. Elvis Presley
4. John Lennon
5. George Harrison
6. Jesus Christ