Karissa, Kristina Shannon face Big Brother boot over Bumgate

Playboy twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon look set to be given the boot from Celebrity Big Brother tonight (25.01.12) following their over-reaction to ‘Bumgate’.

The blonde sisters – who told Big Brother they think they can win the show – look certain to get the axe tonight as fans turned on them because of their behaviour on Monday night’s (23.01.12) show.

Karissa sparked a huge bust-up after she reacted angrily to fellow housemate Denise Welch jokingly pulling down her pyjama bottoms during a drunken dancing session and threatened to leave the house.

Karissa – who has previously posed for several raunchy shoots alongside her sister, which have involved getting her bum out – claimed she was “reserved” and “classy” and felt violated by Denise’s actions.

However, fans were furious with her behaviour and took to twitter to express their dislike of the twins.

One wrote: “How can she be reserved when one Google search has found at least a dozen pictures of her with her arse out?”

Former CBB star Amy Childs tweeted: “The twins don’t like getting their asses out, have you seen this?”, before posting a link to them posing with their bikini bottoms pulled down and sticking their behinds out.

They now look set to leave the Channel 5 show tonight along with one other housemate in a shock eviction.

X Factor reject Frankie Cocozza is now favourite to win after standing up to the twins and vowing to never speak to them again after they accused him of being a sex pest.