Kanye West is collaborating on a shoe line with designer label Louis Vuitton.

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The rapper was in the front row for the fashion giant’s unveiling of its Spring 2009 collection in Paris last week.

Kanye, who was joined by music producer Pharrell Williams, confirmed he will be working with Louis Vuitton to design a range of men’s footwear.

Speaking at the show, dressed entirely in his own fashion line, Kayne said: “I’m here for Louis. I grew up with the Louis look, you know. I just love the style.”

Fashion conscious Kanye – famed for his bright plastic slatted sunglasses – has already revealed plans to release his own brand of women’s wear, separate from the Vuitton shoes deal, which will debut later this year.

Kanye has previously admitted his style is inspired by Carlton Banks – the preppy upper class character from hit 90s US TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which starred Will Smith.

At the fashion show, Pharrell also expressed his love for Louis Vuitton, saying: “It’s got style and elegance, man. And I do love the accessories, I am an accessories boy.”