Justin Timberlake danced pre-birth

Justin Timberlake says his first dance lesson was “in the womb”.

The SexyBack singer – famous for his impressive routines – admits he was showing off his moves before he had taken his first breath.

He said: “My mother, I don’t know how pregnant she was with me, but I know that she did a 10-year reunion recital with the people she used to take dance class with. I always joke around that my dance lesson was in the womb. I know that she used to say that.

“My father used to play in a band, and she used to say that I’d just sit there and bounce. I got my voice from my father.”

Despite his various achievements in the music and movie industries – he has starred in films including The Love Guru and Black Snake Moan – Justin has revealed his proudest accomplishment is not related to his showbiz career.

He added to US TV show Daily 10: “I loved appearing on the cover of Golf Digest magazine. I’m not going to lie. I mean, I’m done. I don’t have to do another magazine cover ever again.”