Julianne Moore is terrified of kissing her movie co-stars.

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The Boogie Nights star revealed she would find it less scary to film a raunchy sex scene than something as intimate as a kiss.

When asked how she copes with love scenes, she said: “The scariest thing to do for me, frankly, is to kiss an actor because that’s very intimate. Whenever you kiss anybody in real life for the first time, it’s terrifying. If you have to kiss an actor that you are working with it’s equally terrifying.”

Julianne, 47, also said she hates the emphasis put on the nude scenes she has appeared in movies including The End of the Affair, Short Cuts and The Big Lebowski.

She added to Parade.com: “I think it is unfortunate that we have this incredible fascination with actors being naked, when in fact, it’s really not very important and for the most part it does have something to do with the film.

“When you see a gun going off in a movie it’s a pretty shocking and horrific thing, and nobody ever talks about that. I’ve done a lot of films and I’ve only taken my clothes off in a few, but people can’t stop talking about it.”