Jonathan Rhys Meyers over partying

Jonathan Rhys Meyers has put his partying days behind him.

The 31-year-old Irish actor, who was arrested after a drunken row with airline staff last year, insists he hasn’t thought about alcohol since his mother Geraldine’s death last November.

He said: “Drinking is not the way forward for me at all. I never even drank until I was 25 anyway. I was in Thailand on my own, filming. I was a little bit lonely and I started drinking.”

Jonathan was left devastated by the death of his beloved mother and was seen drinking a can of strong cider as he walked in a London street shortly after she passed away.

Geraldine single-handedly raised the Tudors actor after his father walked out on three-year-old Jonathan, his mother and his brother Alan, taking the star’s two elder brothers with him.

Jonathan has also admitted he is struggling to shed his rebellious image but is hoping to prove he has changed by focusing on his career.

He added: “I want to do something useful with my life. Drinking is not synonymous with that. And I don’t put any emphasis on it. To be honest, I just leave it alone and hope people will, too, but I don’t really care.

“Of course, as a young Irish actor you are tarred before the start. It’s the enduring cliche.”