Jack Black’s cigarette replacement

Jack Black is addicted to green tea after quitting smoking.

The Tropic Thunder star – who recently welcomed his second child with wife Tanya Haden into the world – admits he has replaced his nicotine habit with a new vice.

He said: “I don’t do anything exciting or dangerous really. I quit smoking. That was my last real vice. But I do like iced green tea – but that is so boring.”

Jack also revealed he can’t stop playing video games.
He added: “I really like playing Grand Theft Auto IV. It’s one of these games that takes 100 hours to conquer.”

Jack recently admitted he wants to produce his own flatulence for his film roles, after playing a character who can pass wind on command in Tropic Thunder.

He said: “I didn’t do any of my own stunts in the fart department, it was all with the help of computers. They don’t have the technology to place the microphones in the inner canal of my inner cavity at this point. Someday soon I hope they’ll have the science and it will catch up to my flatulent talent.”