Iggy Pop injured his leg badly during a performance in London.

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The wild rocker hurt his limb after falling awkwardly from a speaker stack he was climbing at the Get Loaded in the Park festival on Sunday (24.08.08).

Iggy, 61, gave an energetic and raucous performance with his band The Stooges, which saw the crowd invited on stage during the song No Fun. He also jumped into the front row of the crowd for I Want to be your Dog.

Despite his injury, Iggy gave an energetic performance to close the festival against a backdrop of fireworks.

Iggy is no stranger to crowd interaction or injury, and he recently vowed not to hold back during performances despite his advancing years.

He said: “Only once has it turned out really badly. I was on this dumb tour and was determined to outdo The Bloodhound Gang. All these little kids were looking at me thinking, ‘Who is this weird old man?’ So I did a predator drone on them – a surprise dive. They moved away and I dislocated my shoulder.”