Hayden Christensen gets 10/10 for kissing

Rachel Bilson would give Hayden Christensen 10 out of 10 for kissing.

The 26-year-old actress revealed her handsome co-star knew exactly what he was doing when they locked lips in love scenes for new sci-fi thriller Jumper.

She said: “I’m sure all the ladies will be happy to know Hayden is a 10 when it comes to kissing.”

Hayden returned the compliment, saying: “Rachel is top notch too, we kiss well.”

Although Rachel enjoyed the kissing, she admits she still struggles when it comes to shooting sex scenes.

The former O.C. star added: “Sex scenes and love scenes are always uncomfortable just because it’s so unnatural and it’s usually forced. I was lucky enough to have someone as handsome as Hayden, but it’s always a bit awkward.”

Hayden – who plays a man who can teleport anywhere in the world in the movie – also revealed he finds sex sequences hard. The 26-year-old actor added: “There are cameras around, and you are kissing someone for the first time – it’s weird.”