Halle Berry loves having morning sickness.

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The Oscar-winning actress – who is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry – says she is enjoying every moment of her pregnancy, despite the side effects.

Halle told People magazine: “There’s no bad. There is nothing bad about it. The morning sickness and the vomiting and the hot sweats. Nothing’s been bad about it. I’ve loved every second of it.”

Halle, who is four months pregnant, even says she is finding it easy buying clothes to fit her ever-expanding waistline.

She said: “I think I feel like I’m such a slave to fashion. It’s a hard concept for me to fathom that I’m going to have to wear maternity clothes.

“But fashion is on my side. Everything is empire waist and shift-y, so I think I can work it out in normal clothes with normal designers in their collections until the eighth or ninth month, then I might have to break down and do maternity.”

The 41-year-old beauty – who is keen to have another child soon after this one – is conscious not to overeat as she knows it will be hard to lose the excess weight.

She said: “I crave things daily. It changes every day, and I try to listen to my body and not overdo it so I don’t become too big.”