George Michael will not face any legal action after falling out of a moving car on the M1.

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The 49-year-old singer has escaped a fine for failing to have his seatbelt fastened when he tumbled out of a Range Rover at 70mph on a stretch of the motorway in Hertfordshire last month, which led to him spending 13 days in hospital being treated for head injuries.

A spokeswoman for Herts police told the Daily Mirror: “All witnesses have been spoken to and no further action will be taken.”

However, it is an offence for motorists and passengers not to wear seatbelts if fitted.

Cars were forced to brake and swerve to avoid the former Wham! star and one motorist, Ben Quince, who was driving behind the Range Rover, later revealed how he almost accidentally “killed” the singer.

He said: “I suddenly saw the back door on the driver’s side open.

“A body appeared and went bounce, bounce, bounce. He was spinning as he came towards me.

“I had to swerve left. I could have killed him.

“In my mirror I saw trucks and cars swerving to avoid him.”

Another eyewitness, Katherine Fox, admitted Michael – who was arrested in 2010 after driving his Range Rover through a Snappy Snaps photographic store during the middle of the night – was lucky to be alive following the incident.

She said: “George didn’t say anything, he just seemed in shock.

“He was sitting down against a car and in the arms of his friend.

“The guy holding him was quite scared. He kept saying to George, ‘Are you all right mate?’

“I think George was lucky he didn’t die.

“If he’d landed in the second lane he would have been hit by a car without a doubt.”