Emma Watson admits she was close to quitting acting after starring as witch Hermione Granger in the wizard franchise ‘Harry Potter‘ and has to escape the industry for two years after filming.

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The 23-year-old actress had her breakthrough role at the tender age of nine as witch Hermione Granger in the wizard franchise and although she is grateful for the opportunity, the relentless schedule of the franchise and interest in her life left her questioning whether she wanted a future in the movie business.

Speaking about whether she has moved on from the franchise in the new issue of Total Film magazine, Emma said: “Kind of – it’s funny because people are probably playing the films somewhere right now but for me it happened three or four years ago.

“I basically took two years out and stepped as far away from it as I could – I mean the ‘HP’ films were still coming out but I took time to really try and figure out who I was and what I wanted to do. I even considered not being an actress.”

The brunette beauty has taken on her most “challenging” role to date in director Sofia Coppola’s new film ‘The Bling Ring’ and she had to think long and hard about how to portray her character Nicki – a California teen who steals from celebrities – in a way in which people can relate to.

The film is based on real-life events which took place from October 2008 to August 2009 when several stars, including Paris Hilton, Miranda Kerr and Megan Fox, were specifically targeted by a gang of teen burglars,

Emma explained: “I realised very quickly that my biggest challenge was trying to get the audience to identify with her, even if it’s just for a second. She’s a surreal, delusional, eccentric character who is at times very unsympathetic.

“I think anyone can relate to those teenage years when you’re feeling pressured by what your friends are doing, feeling very image conscious, wanting to fit in…

“What I couldn’t really identify with was that I’m quite a private person and Nicki’s an exhibitionist – she absolutely loves attention and wants to be seen. So she’s really the opposite from me from that perspective.”

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