Will Ferrell’s new film features boy whose dad bid for the part

Will Ferrell’s new movie will feature a 10-year-old boy whose dad paid over USD47,000 for a cameo role.

The comic star will welcome the youngster onto the set of film Step Brothers after the boy’s father bid USD47,100 for the once in a lifetime opportunity at a charity auction.

The money will go to the Cancer for College foundation set up by Craig Pollard, a close friend of Ferrell’s from their time at the University of California.

The boy’s father asked to remain anonymous, but said in a statement: “Winning this auction means a lot to me. I lost my mother to ovarian cancer a few years ago, so I feel fortunate that my 10-year-old and I are able to
participate in an event involving Cancer for College and Will Ferrell.”

Ferrell added: “We are overwhelmed with the response and generosity to the auction. This money will help so many young people with their dreams of attending college.”

The young boy is scheduled to meet Ferrell tomorrow (28.09.07) at the 14th annual Cancer for College golf tournament dinner in Temecula, Southern California.

He will then join the 40-year-old actor on the movie set next month. Step Brothers also stars Gangs of New York actor John C. Reilly as Ferrell’s stepbrother.

The film sees the two characters battle for attention when their respective single parents marry each other.