Duchess Catherine says Prince William spoils her.

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The couple have been married for over a year and when questioned by youngsters on a charity camping trip yesterday (17.06.12) about her new royal life, Catherine – previously Kate Middleton – said she has been well looked after by her spouse.

Tigerlily Smith, eight, told the Daily Telegraph: ”We asked her how it felt to be a princess and she said it was very nice and she got to visit lots of countries but hadn’t seen as many as William.

”She said William was very sweet and kind and spoilt her.”

When asked about her royal duties, the Duchess of Cambridge told the kids: ”It’s very busy and great fun but I am very well looked after.”

Asked how long she would sit on the throne, she replied tactfully: ”It’s not actually my job yet!”

Catherine, 30, had joined youngsters from inner city backgrounds on a camping trip which was co-ordinated by ARK schools and is supported by William’s charitable foundation.

The duchess then took a helicopter to the Beaufort Polo Club for the final day of the Gloucestershire Festival of Polo where her husband and brother-in-law Prince Harry were competing.