Daniel Craig annoyed by attention

Daniel Craig hates camera phones – because he can never go to the toilet in peace.

The James Bond star is happy to meet fans and sign autographs but draws the line at being photographed when he is trying to relieve himself.

Daniel said: “People try to take pictures of me when I’m having a p**s and it’s not welcome and never will be.

“I have to keep hold of my sense of humour, because you can lose it very quickly and start retreating into yourself – then you can’t go anywhere unless you’re with armed guards.”

Daniel has a history of griping about his fans. The Quantum of Solace star recently revealed he wears a false beard to the pub to stop people recognising him.

He said: “I wish, sometimes, I could just go sit and spend the afternoon in the pub. Well, you know, if I’m quiet and I wear a hat, a pair of sunglasses and a false beard, I could probably get away with it.”