Dita Von Teese stars in saucy ad for animal rights group

Dita Von Teese stars in a raunchy new advertising campaign to promote spaying and neutering pets.

The burlesque dancer donned a racy outfit to pose as a teacher in adverts for PETA’s new Animal Birth Control (ABC) campaign, unveiled in Los Angeles yesterday (24.09.07).

Dita – real name Heather Sweet – is pictured standing in front of a blackboard in a pink and black corset, fish-net stockings and black stilettos as a seated older man gazes up at her entranced.

In a video accompanying the advert on PETA’s website she says: “Every year, nearly four million dogs and cats are put to death in the US because there are not enough good homes for them.

“I had a cat as a child and it had seven or eight kittens so I understood from a young age that it mattered to me where these babies went.

“You have to be responsible not just for your pet but for any animals your pet will produce, so I’ve always spayed and neutered my pets.”

Dita – who filed for divorce from husband Marilyn Manson last December – also hit out at irresponsible pet owners.

The 34-year-old star said: “It makes me so angry when people get a pet and then think they can just give it away when they don’t want it anymore. Your responsibility lasts for the pet’s whole lifetime.”

Another PETA campaign in which Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone appeared naked to promote vegetarianism was set to run on TV in Houston last week, but was reportedly pulled because of its racy content.