DAVID WALLIAMS braved a nasty tummy bug today to carry on with his charity swim down the Thames.

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The comedian suffered a bad night with diarrhoea, probably picked up from river-borne germs, and it was thought this morning that he would have to abandon the challenge.

Walliams has also been unable to face food, which means his energy levels are low. Not a good thing for someone hoping to swim 140 miles in eight days.

But what Sport Relief charity handlers called a “second wind” gave the Little Britain star enough puff to continue and by mid-afternoon, he had managed nearly nine miles.

Despite doctors warning that he might have to call it a day, Walliams is determined to complete the trip, even if it takes him until the year 2021!

“At some stage in the next decade I would like to turn up in London, but we will have to see what happens,” said Walliams.

“If I get seriously, seriously ill and I have to have a day out of the water, so be it. We’ll get back in again the next day.”

“This is a journey, not a race.”

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