Daniel Craig reveals that James Bond goes go-go dancing in Skyfall

Daniel Craig says Skyfall will be a “very funny” film.

The 44-year-old actor – who is reprising his role of James Bond in the forthcoming motion picture – revealed his alter-ego shows his humorous side in a scene with go-go dancers, and Daniel thought it was “about time” he showed his humourous side in the film franchise.

He said: “The humour is not something we try to do, but it just comes from the situations. I think there are some very funny lines in it but then I have a very dark sense of humour, so others might not agree with me.”

When asked what will be different about the new film, he replied: “Go-go dancers. It’s not something I have done before and I thought it was about time I showed that part of myself.”

Daniel insists Skyfall feels like a more “old-fashioned Bond movie” in the franchise’s 50th year thanks to its “great” Istanbul setting, and he has enjoyed reprising the “challenging” role for the third time.

He explained: “It is great to come to Istanbul and film at some great locations. It feels like an old-fashioned Bond movie. I am still learning. I want to be challenged every day – and I am being challenged.”

Berenice Marlohe stars as new Bond girl Severine in the movie, and she found it “very easy” to perform bedroom scenes with Daniel.

Speaking in a joint interview with The Sun, she added: “He’s very professional and grounded but also very easy. I felt very relaxed. These are the best conditions in which to perform.

“I make a point of not knowing whether she is obviously the good part or the bad part. She is enigmatic.”