The unlucky-in-love mechanic considered running away with the tot due to partner Kirsty Soames’ violent rampages but she stuns him when she claims on the ITV soap next week that he has no legal right to their daughter Ruby.

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After one fight too many, Tyrone says: “I won’t stop you seeing Ruby but my mind’s made up. There’s no way I’m letting you have custody.”

However, he is stunned when Kirsty (played by Natalie Gumede) hits back saying: “She’s not your baby. While you were busy this morning I was in town registering Ruby’s birth. I left the father’s name blank, father unknown. You have no legal right over my daughter.”

This is the latest upset for Tyrone (Alan Halsall), who has endured a string of beatings at the hands of violent Kirsty.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “For Tyrone, this is worse than the beatings he has taken from Kirsty.”

Meanwhile, Tyrone’s friend Tommy Duckworth stands up to the former policewoman on Tyrone’s behalf after he assumes she has burnt Tyrone in yet another domestic drama.

Chris Fountain, who plays Tommy, said: “Tommy instantly jumps to conclusions and assumes Kirsty has burnt him, but actually she hasn’t.

“Later on, Kirsty’s having one of her temper tantrums and Tommy can’t hold back any longer.

“He tells Kirsty that he knows all about what she’s been doing to Tyrone.”