Colin Firth was nervous about exposing his legs during his half-naked scene in Michael Hoffman’s new comedy Gambit.

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The 52-year-old actor strolls through the Savoy Hotel wearing nothing but a shirt in the new Coen Brothers’ scripted comedy, and he was embarrassed about his un-gentlemanly attire and exposing his legs on camera.

Speaking at the world premiere of Gambit on Leicester Square last night (07.11.12), Colin said: “I did have a bit of leg anxiety at the time. It’s one thing to basically drop everything, but just the trousers… It’s just not a look that’s recommended for a gentleman – brogues, socks up to the knees, underpants!”

The Hollywood heartthrob had a blast filming with Cameron Diaz, and says she always brought her sense of humour to the set, even during his most nerve-wrecking scenes.

He added: “It’s been fabulous. She’s the best at what she does. There were plenty of funny moments on set. [I mean], if you have to walk with your trousers off through the lobby of the Savoy Hotel…”

Harry Potter star Alan Rickman takes things one step further with a sequence filmed entirely in the buff, but he confessed he was more confident about shedding his clothes than his co-star.

He explained: “You just have to get on with it, there’s no choice, ‘OK, right here we go!'”

The stars were joined by director Michael Hoffman and co-star Tom Courtenay on the red carpet.