Cheryl Cole has forgiven her cheating soccer star husband after realising she can’t live without him.

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The Girls Aloud beauty – who was left devastated by claims Chelsea and England soccer star Ashley had slept with three women behind her back – has reportedly decided to give their 19-month marriage another go.

A source said: “She’s still in love with him, simple as that. No matter how hard she tried to convince herself to leave him, she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Cheryl has told Ashley she is taking him back.”

However, Cheryl – who left the couple’s marital home and went on holiday to assess the future of her marriage – has told Ashley he must curb his wild partying ways if their relationship is to survive.

The source added to The Sun: “She has also told him things have to change. She has spent a lot of time thinking about what she should do. Ashley can kiss goodbye to nights out with the lads now.

“He has a lot of grovelling to do before things get back to how they were.”

But Cheryl – who previously insisted she would never forgive a man who was unfaithful – is refusing to wear her wedding ring “until she feels ready to put it back on”.

Cheryl and Ashley’s marriage hit the rocks in January when it was revealed he had slept with hairdresser Aimee Walton following a drunken night out last December.

Aimee then claimed the athlete had offered her money for an abortion after she had a pregnancy scare. Two more women then claimed they had slept with Ashley but were paid to keep quiet.