Cheryl Cole has lost trust

Cheryl Cole has told friends she can never trust her cheating soccer star husband again.

The Girls Aloud beauty – who was left devastated by revelations Chelsea and England player Ashley had cheated on her with several women – says her disgraced spouse is “damaged goods” and isn’t sure their 18-month marriage will survive.

Cheryl – who is currently on holiday in Thailand with bandmates Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts – reportedly told a pal: “How can I trust Ashley again? He’s damaged goods. I knew something was wrong when I confronted him about some woman and he made up some excuse rather than deny it outright.”

The devastated singer, who is smoking 40 cigarettes a day, has sparked concern among friends after her weight plummeted to a worrying 84lbs.

A fellow guest at the luxurious Thai resort told The Sun newspaper: “The girls have had an incredibly low-key holiday as they know Cheryl is mentally exhausted with the breakdown of her marriage. Nicola and Kimberley are encouraging her to eat.

“But she mostly just jumps up from the table after a few mouthfuls and grabs a cigarette.”

Cheryl, 24, had initially vowed to stand by Ashley after hairdresser Aimee Walton claimed she had slept with the athlete following a drunken night out last December. Aimee then alleged Ashley offered her money for an abortion after a pregnancy scare. Two other girls came forward saying they had also slept with him but were paid to keep quiet.