Charlize Theron claims she is naturally plain.

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The Oscar-winning actress, who plays a small-town cop and single mother in new film In the Valley of Elah, insists her character’s appearance is how she really looks behind all the Hollywood glamour.

Charlize, 32, said: “If you don’t consider my character beautiful, I’m sorry, but that’s really me.

“That’s my natural hair colour. That’s me with very little make-up. There’s no prosthetics. That’s what I look like.”

The blonde star – who always appears on the red carpet looking radiant – insists all the good lead roles for women are ugly.

Charlize – who had to gain weight and dramatically alter her appearance to play serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster – said: “It’s not like I’ve been offered any great glamorous roles that had great conflict and great story-telling. But I’m not going to be picky because those are hard to come by.

“If I sit around waiting for a good, glamorous story to come around, I’m probably never going to work.”