Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, doesn’t want to be queen.

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The 64-year-old royal – wife of Prince Charles – has no desire to be known as Queen Camilla when Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth, eventually passes away and he ascends the throne.

She would rather be called Princess Consort because of the widespread memories of Princess Diana, who Charles divorced in 1996, a year before her death.

A royal aide told the Daily Express: “There was a meeting before their wedding when this was agreed. It’s her wish that she be known as Princess Consort and that won’t change.”

However, legally it may be a problem as the government’s view is that the king’s wife automatically becomes queen.

A source said: “It will be up to the government of the day to decide whether it thinks legislation is needed. Otherwise she will legally be queen but that doesn’t mean she has to be known by that title.

“In the same way, she is legally the Princess of Wales but she doesn’t use that title because of the sensitivities.”