Brad Pitt watches Radiohead

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton went to see a Radiohead concert on Wednesday night (18.06.08).

The actors – who met when they starred together in 2005 movie Fight Club – looked happy and excited as they attended the performance at Milan’s Civica Arena in Italy.

Edward has previously spoken about his and Brad’s love of the British band, saying: “Brad and I had a mutual fixation on the second two Radiohead albums.”

Brad and Edward were also accompanied by Mariane Pearl, a close friend of Brad and his long-term partner Angelina Jolie since Angelina portrayed her in controversial movie A Mighty Heart in 2007.

Meanwhile, locals in the French village where Brad and Angelina are currently staying are entertaining themselves by playing a new game which involves them making up stories about the Hollywood couple – who are currently expecting twins – for the paparazzi.

Anyone who successfully cons reporters is then treated to a free glass of Pastis, a traditionally French anise-flavoured liqueur.