Brad Pitt is the man most idolised by other guys.

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A worldwide survey of 20,000 plastic surgeons found men opting for surgery were most likely to pick Brad as the person they’d most like to look like.

Among the features most requested are the Troy star’s eyes, nose, lips, chin and butt.

Brad’s girlfriend Angelina Jolie’s lips were the favourite celebrity feature for women. Ladies looking for physical enhancements regularly asked for Pamela Anderson’s breasts, Jennifer Lopez’s bottom or Sophia Loren’s eyes.

It was recently reported Brad, who turned 44 last December, is worried about his looks fading with age.

A source recently said: “The obsession with his looks has gotten worse very recently. It’s hit him pretty hard that he’s not looking as young as he was.

“When he first hit Hollywood, Brad’s natural good looks helped him immensely, but as he has gotten older, he is finding it more and more difficult to maintain them.”