BORIS JOHNSON has brushed off complaints about his appearance on tonight’s EastEnders, in the face of accusations of foul play from Ken Livingstone, his predecessor as London Mayor.

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Johnson argues that he took his role alongside actress Barbara Windsor simply to help out London’s culture industry.

“It is my job to promote [arts and culture] just as much as anything else,” Johnson told the BBC today.

“Barbara Windsor is a landmark of our culture.”

But the BBC wasn’t always so keen to promote good London causes, recalls Livingstone.

“They said it wouldn’t be appropriate, that it was political,” said the former Mayor, who has hinted he wants the job back.

“They’ve obviously changed their tune, but then they have always been quite keen on Boris. They were relentlessly hostile to me in the 18 months before the election.”

The BBC played the googly from Livingstone with a straight bat.

“Boris Johnson’s appearance is compatible both with BBC Editorial Guidelines and the principle of due impartiality,” said a spokesperson.