LONDON is NOT the most expensive place in Britain to buy a pint of beer, a new survey of pub prices by the Good Pub Guide, has revealed.

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Ok, so we’re second in the league table like last year, but Surrey, the most expensive area, has surged further ahead to break the dreaded £3 barrier for the average price of a pint of bitter.

In London, a pint of bitter now costs an average of £2.90, compared to £2.81 last year.

London’s rise was lower than almost everywhere else, as across the country the average pint-price went up from £2.58 to £2.68 in the last year. Admittedly, that puts Londoners only a penny better off than others, but for someone who sinks 10 pints a week, that’s £5 over the course of a year – enough to celebrate with an extra pint and a half and a packet of crisps.

Surrey drinkers, meanwhile, have been lumbered with an average 13p rise in the price of their ale since 2008.

“There is more disposable income in the South East and pub companies feel they can get away with it,” said Good Pub Guide co-editor Fiona Stapley.

The cheapest area in Britain to scratch that beer itch is the West Midlands, where the average price of a pint of bitter is £2.40. Envious London drinkers can console themselves with the knowledge that Brummies and co. could get the same drink for just £2.25 last year.