“She was completely in charge,” 64-year-old Oscar-winning actor Sir Ben Kingsley said about his onscreen sex scene with 22-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen for the new film The Wackness.

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The tiny actress straddles Sir Ben during a full-on passion session in a phone booth for the movie.

Mary-Kate, who plays a free-spirited, pot-smoking hippy, told the Wall Street Journal that Kingsley behaved like a perfect gentleman during the scene. She explained: “He was so professional about it and made me feel so comfortable. He said, ‘Anything you don’t feel comfortable about let me know. You lead me.'”

“It is all part of being an actress,” Mary-Kate added, “but I was so in awe of Sir Ben I was more nervous about acting alongside him than I was about the kiss.”

Oscar-winning actor Sir Ben let his hair, or wig, down and learned how to smoke a bong for his role as Dr Squires.

“I knew so little about it,” he confessed to The Herald. “I was keen to know. It was fascinating to me, this thing called a bong with the water in it and the noise it makes and the smoke that comes out of it.”

Sir Ben, who is best known for his heavyweight performances in films like Ghandi, Schindler’s List and Sexy Beast, said he enjoyed playing a dope-smoking therapist who swaps psychological guidance for weed.