W10 and W11 Venues
Thursday, 28 August – Sunday, 14 September
All Events Free

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This year’s Portobello Film Festival begins with the world premiere of The Town That Boars Me, top fashion photographer Ben Charles Edwards’ new flick featuring Sadie Frost and Kelly Osbourne. In all, the 18-day festival will feature 700 new films, ranging from features to shorts to documentaries.

Portobello has been called “the biggest independent film festival in Europe”, and its titles span quite the range. Andrew Logan gives a complete history of the Alternative Miss World competition on 30 August, and Curry and Crime brings back actors from Bend It like Beckham on 13 September.

Besides cinema fare, the festival will show off the best urban art from people like Inkie (Banksy’s Bristol cohort) and Joe Rush, who’s being patronised by British artist Damien Hirst. No diamond skulls are promised, but the exhibition still has promise.