Bar Refaeli, Leonardo DiCaprio’s gal, rates New York over Israeli army

Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend Bar Refaeli values fame over serving her country.

The Israeli model doesn’t regret leaving her homeland to pursue her career, even though it meant turning her back on mandatory military service.

Bar told Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper: “I don’t regret not having been drafted into the army, because I made out big. Why is it good to die for one’s country? Isn’t it better to live in New York?”

The 22-year-old beauty, who took Leonardo to Israel to meet her family earlier this year, has vowed to never bring him back to the country again.

Bar explained: “I won’t bring anyone famous to Israel any more because there is a chutzpah here that you won’t see anywhere else.”

When the couple visited Israel in March, they were caught up in a scuffle as their bodyguards fought with photographers in Jerusalem.