RUSSELL BRAND has come under renewed attack from Andrew Sachs after bagging the Best Live Stand-Up gong at the British comedy awards.

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The pair came to loggerheads when Brand broadcast a rude message he had left on Sachs’s answerphone, in which he bragged of sleeping with the 78-year-old’s granddaughter.

“I don’t really understand why he won it after all those people complained.” Sachs said, in reference to the 30,000 complaints fielded by the BBC in the aftermath of the broadcast.

“It’s not my style of comedy. I can’t appreciate his ‘magic’ if magic it is. It baffles me as to why he is so popular.

“There’s no style or structure to his work. He speaks off the top of his head. It’s hit or miss – miss for me I’m afraid.

Brand’s victory at the awards was greeted by a big cheer from the audience and the comedian, currently working on a remake of the film Arthur, told the audience:

“I am very good on the wireless. It is where I come to life. I am edgy.”