Anastacia voices her career concerns

Anastacia has to work harder because there are fewer music shows on TV.

The singer is set to release a new album after four years out of the spotlight and is finding it increasingly difficult to promote her material.

She said: “I think it’s weird that all the big music shows on TV in every country have gone. It feels like a new world in many respects.

“It means I’m promoting more than ever and like any industry right now you have to work harder for your money.”

The 40-year-old star also praised Amy Winehouse, saying she sees some of herself in the troubled singer.

She added to the Daily Star: “Amy Winehouse is on my radar. Not necessarily her lifestyle but I admire her sound and writing. She’s definitely mixing it up and her voice is amazing.”

As well as Amy, the American singer is a fan of another British talent – Leona Lewis.

She said: “Leona’s adorable and she’s from Hackney in London – the same hometown as my husband.

“You’ll often find me there visiting the family. It’s a great place but I don’t think the queen visits it enough.”