Adele inspired by Spice Girls

Chasing Pavements star Adele says the Spice Girls inspired her to become a singer.

The 19-year-old musician – whose debut LP 19 topped the UK album charts – used to entertain her mother’s dinner guests by impersonating her idols.

She said: “It all comes from impersonating the Spice Girls and Gabrielle. I did little concerts in my room for my mother and her friends.

“Geri Halliwell was my favourite. I went to see them twice and they were f***ing brilliant.”

The London-born star also insists she is “not bothered” by people criticising her weight and her size 14-18 figure has never hindered her love life.

She added: “I’m just not bothered. I’m not naïve – I don’t believe I need to look like that. I’m very confident, even when I read about people saying horrid stuff about my weight.

“Until I start not liking my own body, until it gets in the way of my health or stops me having a boyfriend, then I don’t care. I’m fine. It’s never been an issue in any of the relationships I’ve had.”