Christmas 2013 in London


Christmas in London. Photo Credit: JasonDGreat. C.C.License

Attractions and Events in London
London Events
Christmas Lights, pudding race and many more...

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Theatres and Pantos in London
Theatres and Pantos
Christmas favourite shows...

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Ice Skating in London
Ice Skating
Spin away from bleary English winters...

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Christmas Costumes for Men, women and children
Fancy Dress
Costumes for men, women and children...

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Christmas 2013

Whether it's old traditions from Dickensian times like Christmas lights and he's-behind-you pantomimes, or new ones like Christmas costumes and ice-skating at famous London venues and a traffic-free Oxford Street, LondonNet's Christmas pages fill almost all known stockings.

To be fair, a day spent partaking of that little lot might wear you out, so why not treat yourself to a night at one of our selection of characterful London hotels for some well-deserved rest and recuperation? Of course, that applies doubly so to those of you visiting London for a festive day out, or longer. Maybe you'll want to stay for good.

The cute thing about our guide is that it is updated regularly by our team of helper-elves, on secondment from Santa's famous North Pole grotto, which makes it a kind of digital advent calendar, though, sadly without the chunks of chocolate hiding behind the windows.

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