Take it to the London Bridge

No denying that Tower Bridge is one of the icons of London, but there has always been something about it that gets on my wick.

Maybe it’s because its fake castles take a bit of the historic punch away from the nearby, and genuine, Tower of London, or the tarty way it spreads itself for any passing ship, or the fact I was once stuck in its traffic for nearly an hour.

Now I have some heavyweight support for this grumpiness in the considerable shape of London Bridge, which has started its own Twitter campaign.

Years of frustration at being ignored in favour of its showy rival has come pouring out.

London Bridge has inspired us to go for a Favourite Thames Crossings strand on the LondonNet Twitter. So far, Hungerford and Albert lead the way and London Bridge is cool with that.

“I won’t vote for myself as favourite Thames river crossing,” it said. “I’m not a self-obsessed twerp like my neighbour.”

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