“You can have an awful lot of fun here. The pubs are packed, the clubs are pounding, the theatres and sports grounds are exhilarating” says the Telegraph, following news its readers have voted London Britain’s best city.

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It’s good to hear that the fuddy duddies and little Englanders who read the Telegraph have finally woken up to the cultural charms of our great city, but they seem to be missing out on where the real action is taking place these days.

Right now there’s a mini-Glastonbury bubbling up outside St Paul’s Cathedral, replete with hundreds of little tents and a brigade of wispy-bearded-lentil-lovers. The ‘Occupy’ protest camp swaps Glasto’s enviro theme for a healthy dose of anti-capitalism and in a welcome refinement of the soggy festival trauma, you get to leave your tent at dusk and slip off home for a snug night’s kip.

Peter Clee