Love by Numbers Equals One

We ran a story last week about the near impossibility of finding The One. Some boffin had calculated that there was a 285,000 to 1 chance of meeting Mr or Mrs Right, based on the statistical likelihood of A.N. Other Londoner checking all your likes/dislikes boxes.

It was a bit of a joke story, so I was surprised to see that so many of our Twitter followerstook the news to heart.

Most comments came in the sniff/sniff-suicide range of emotions, from “Sad” and “Despondent” to all shades of depression such as “Bit depressing”, “Depressing”, “Very depressing”, “Extremely depressing” and “All hope is lost”.

So here’s my attempt to sweeten the pill for Valentine’s.

First, the slim chance of finding someone entirely compatible with you is just another way of saying you are a unique person; there’s no one like you in the whole universe. That’s right, feel the power of your individual soul!

Second, oh-seeker-of-love: about the last thing you’d want is for your beloved to be anything like you, you know the sad one who gets depressed about daft statistics stories.