London, Gin and It

Featuring ‘Justin O’Shea – This is #MyLondon’ (Sponsored Video by Beefeater)

Paris may have wine, Moscow vodka and Munich beer, but the true historical tipple of Londoners is gin. Not so long ago the city was awash with the liquor in London’s salubrious gin houses. Thankfully these days you can imbibe the juniper flavoured drink in some far swankier venues than those available in the nineteenth century.

For my taste though, aside from the odd summer refreshing gin and tonic – wedge of lime not lemon please – the finest place to drink the clear stuff is not in London at all. Instead it’s anywhere, literally anywhere, abroad. When you’ve had your fill of holiday wine and glitzy cocktails, there’s nothing better to remind you of home. The fizz, the elegant simplicity and the sharp taste brings back the best of blighty, wherever your foreign watering hole may be. Better still, if you’ve strayed off of the beaten track into a malarial hotspot you can justify the tipple with the knowledge that the quinine in the tonic will be beating off the worst the mosquitoes can throw at you. Well, that’s how I reason it anyhow.

One of London’s longest established gin makers is Beefeater, who’ve been concocting the brand since 1820. It’s hard to think what could be more an icon of London than a picture of one of the guards of the Tower of London festooned upon a bottle of the city’s archetypal brew. Maybe with this in mind, Beefeater are currently running a video (see sponsored video below) all about what people see as their London. For Beefeater’s Worldwide Buying Director Justin O’Shea “London was always the pinnacle of where I wanted to go. It gave me a personality, a direction, a future. London freed me to do the things I wanted to do.” You can join in by tweeting with the hashtag #MyLondon.

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