Hollywood is three times as glamorous as Royalty, say the stats

It’s official: Hollywood is three times as glamorous as the Royal family. That might be hard to believe in a year in which ‘Princess’ Pippa Middleton has appeared to reign supreme, but let’s look at the facts.

You can get a replica of Pippa’s legendary bum-hugging bridesmaid dress for £170, while a copy of the wedding gown worn by Bella Swan from Twilight Breaking Dawn will set you back £510.

Three times 170 equals 510. The numbers fit so neatly it must be true.

It’s possible the lower cost is down to the fierce competition between Debenhams, who charge £170 for their version, while BHS’s take on Pippa’s pride comes in at £175.

But if cost were the main consideration, they’d all do what someone I know has done and send off to China to get their dresses made. (She promises to spend the money saved on more champagne for the guests – the only reason I’m going, obviously).

Anyway, all that’s not going to account for the huge price differential, which must therefore be down to the greater appeal for budding brides and bridesmaids of Bella over Pippa.

Either that, or they know that husbands will all bleed you dry in the end, so you might as well go for the vampire-victim look from the start.