Colour is the key to R-Patz/K-Stew romance

Yesterday (21.11.12) at twilight, London was covered in one of those pinky-orange glows that remind you of summer even as we head into winter. Once the last leaves of autumn have faded, it’s all cold greys and colder whites until Spring.

But indoors, in offices across town, there’s a festival of competing colours going on, on the canvas of men’s shirts. Apparently, men wearing pink shirts pull in £1,000 a year more than the rest, while those favouring lilac and purple pull more women. Employers might like to know that green-shirt wearers are the least punctual, possibly because the bus driver, quite rightly, wouldn’t let them on.

Men who plump for the classic white shirt, on the other hand, are the best time-keepers, which sounds like code for the most boring and here we might have found the secret to the mysterious R-Patz/K-Stew split.

Vampires have to wear black, whites and greys and in the end that colour-sucking style isn’t going to be enough for any full-blooded young actress. Probably that’s why Pattinson chose his next roles – as Lawrence of Arabia and in a film about capturing Saddam Hussein – to maximise his exposure to the sun’s warm hues and next thing you know, he’s got Kristen back.