London photography special

If you haven't seen them yet, it is crucial and vital you take a look at the photos on LondonNet's flickr pages. Taken by a trio of talented young photo-journalists, they cover a juicy variety of London subjects, from bridges and parks, to famous tourist spots and colourful events and many more besides.

Like all good photography, many of these pics make you look at things with a new eye, often by picking out a telling aspect of something familiar you've never noticed before. I was in Battersea Park yesterday and the way it feels to me is that all paths lead to the pond and the cafe, but this photo takes you the other way, the trees apparently linking arms to lift you out and into the waiting city beyond...

... where there's a great exhibition on at the Getty Images Gallery at the moment, under the self-explanatory heading Londoners at Play. This astonishing photo of men playing cricket on a bomb site in the shadow of St Paul's cathedral can serve as a taster:

17th October 1945: A group of men playing cricket on a blitzed site in Blackfriars, London, during their lunch-hour, with St Paul's Cathedral in the background. (Photo by Harry Todd/Fox Photos/Getty Images).

There's a bigger version of it on the Getty Images site, as well as on our facebook section. If that's not enough visual excitement, there's still over a week left for the London Festival of Photography.