Don’t be a T*** on Mothers’ Day

Wrongly CCed emails hit the headlines from time to time and they’re always bad for the sender.

But what about the ones we never hear about, the ones that put the sender in a good light? Imagine if the most recent story featured City boy Harry Fildes telling Sebastian Marsh that Jenni Palmer is a wonderful person, too good for the likes of him. Don’t laugh, it could happen.

In pre-email days, a friend spotted that his boss would visit the gents’ sit-down compartment with his newspaper at the same time each day, so he and a colleague would stand in the urinal section and sing the boss’s praises, hoping for a pay rise I guess. If Fildes had written to another pal saying he’d tried to put Marsh off for Palmer’s benefit and then ‘accidentally’ CCed that email to her, he’d be in the clear.

So here’s a cash-saving tip for anyone who’s forgotten to send their mum a Mothers’ Day card. No need for an expensive bunch of flowers in recompense: just CC her an email – preferably not including the words “f****** t*** – in which you just happen to be singing the fine woman’s praises.