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You Win Again: The Story Of The Bee Gees


Jukebox musical telling the story of the Gibb Brothers.

A jukebox musical telling the story of the Gibb Brothers, and their bumpy ride to superstar status through the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

A jukebox musical telling the story of the Gibb Brothers through the eyes of their manager, detailing their early triumphs, career downfalls and their ultimate climb back to the top to claim global superstar status. The songs are from the Bee Gees catalogue, together with those they wrote for Diana Ross, Celine Dion and Dionne Warwick.

THE STORY OF THE BEE GEES! This incredible production features the story of one of the greatest bands of our time, from their early triumphs to their devastating decline and on to their meteoric climb back to the top. . . to become the multi-million selling Bee Gees - the supergroup we know and love today. The Gibb Brothers were not only masters of the concert show, performers of generation-defining songs, they also came to represent one of the greatest songwriter collectives ever. However, their journey to the top was never an easy ride. . . Spanning the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, You Win Again is gloriously set, the story unfolding against an intriguing backdrop of light and shade. The glittering, superstar songstresses who carried many of the biggest Gibb Brothers' penned songs to the top of the charts contrasted by the "dark external corruption" that blighted the three brothers' lives. This wonderful night of musical theatre features not only incredible portrayals of Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb - it is also a wonderful, all-live production that brings their superb songs to life. You Win Again - a brand-new musical telling the tale of the ultimate contradiction. . . It is the story of a family torn apart. A tale of brothers who came to learn the hard way that the whole is greater than the sum of its component parts, but who wrote truly beautiful songs that inspired a generation. Theirs is a story that needs to be told. Songs from the Show include: Night Fever, Stayin' Alive, More Than A Woman, You Should Be Dancing, How Deep is Your Love?, Jive Talkin', Tragedy, Massachusetts, Words, I've Got to Get a Message to You, Too Much Heaven