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Sports & Leisure, Yoga.

Set in the picturesque Sculpture by the Lakes park nestled in 26 acres of Dorset's glorious countryside, Wellbeing by the Lakes is a 3-day festival exploring what it means to be mindful and live well in this fast-paced modern world. A curated blend of experts talks, meditation, movement sessions, art, live performance and healing therapies will open your eyes to fresh experiences for wellbeing. This year's theme is 'Good Vibrations'. Join us on a curious journey into the fascinating realm of sound and music and enjoy the power of its therapeutic effects. Let the frequencies of gong baths, sound bowls, drumming circles, acoustic massage, song, chanting and more, elevate your vibration on a molecular level. As the sun sets on Friday and Saturday evening the park will be transformed by candlelight and fire displays. Grab a picnic rug, a bottle of wine and settle in to enjoy live performances on the main stage courtesy of The Pocket Orchestra and friends.