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Visions is Bow Arts' renowned biennial exhibition of moving image, digital and performance art, and this year presents work from 15 countries selected from a worldwide open call. Lead artists Hetain Patel, Nye Thompson and Benedict Drew will all show new films, the themes of which guide the curation of the show's three programmes. Hetain Patel's Programme 1 premieres a new animation from Patel, projecting outlines of himself moving across the gallery's walls through colours, revealing different skin tones through his own body's lines. The programme presents 26 other artists' works that explore themes pertinent to Patel, including identity, migration, gender, heroes and movement. Nye Thompson' Programme 2 premieres her new film /artefact, commissioned by The Lowry's WEEK 53 Festival, which virtually builds a colossal dividing wall on the un-walked territories of Mars. The sci-fi fuelled themes of data gathering, other worlds, space, earth and CCTV reverberate through the programme's 23 works. Benedict Drew's Programme 3 premieres a new single screen work by Drew in which he tunes into vibrations and waves of energy from celestial objects, thinking about how to improvise with others through telepathy in the shadow of catastrophe. A fantastical selection of 21 works will accompany his music-filled film, drawing on 16mm film, poetry, ritual, music and nature. Each programme will be launched with a live performance evening in Bow Arts' outdoor courtyard. Patel will perform Make a Wish at his programme launch with dancer and collaborator Vidya Patel. An online event programme will run throughout the exhibition and all exhibition works will also be available online.