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Gifted performers showcase their talents in front of a live socially distanced audience.

Gifted performers sign up to showcase their talents with a West End musical director in front of a live socially distanced audience every Thursday.

How many of you have been paying for vocal reels or begging cruise ships to give you a video clip for your Showreel? Well we're going to be doing it for you - for FREE. Welcome to Showreel LIVE - your LIVE Musical Theatre performance filmed and uploaded in minutes ready for your Showreel every Thursday night. You'll perform with a West End Musical Director in front of a live audience - and we'll make sure the camera, lights and action all make you look and sound superb! Go to http://www.showreellive.com to book a slot. It's a Phoenix first again - and time for US to celebrate the amazing talent that comes through our doors...YOU! We can't wait! Our big LAUNCH night is Thursday 20th February - so get to that website QUICK!