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Scottish Dance Theatre presents Antigone, Interrupted


Dance, Contemporary.

Scottish Dance Theatre presents Joan Cleville's Antigone, Interrupted Commissioned by the Rural Touring Dance Initiative in association with Perth Theatre What do you do when the state becomes the oppressor? Would you put your body on the line? A young girl ready to die to defend what she thinks is right. A king determined to impose his will as the rule of law. Antigone, Interrupted re-imagines a classic story for a contemporary world through the body and the voice of a single performer. In his first creation as Artistic Director of Scottish Dance Theatre, choreographer Joan Cleville presents an intimate solo work with acclaimed performer Solene Weinachter. Using his distinctive mixture of dance, theatre and storytelling, Cleville examines the notion of dissent in democracy, and how the female body can be the target of oppression but also a powerful tool for resistance.