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LOOKING UP: Helaine Blumenfeld at Canary Wharf


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Canary Wharf Group presents the largest solo exhibition to date of the work of Helaine Blumenfeld OBE, opening on 16 March 2020. Her lyrical and dynamic sculptures will be shown in the Lobby of One Canada Square until 26 June and in outdoor locations across the Estate, including Jubilee Park, throughout the summer. Following successful shows at Ely Cathedral and Huygens' Hofwijck Museum (The Netherlands) in 2019, LOOKING UP: Helaine Blumenfeld at Canary Wharf meets the challenge of transforming London's contemporary commercial hub into an urban sculpture park. Featuring over 25 sculptures on view in the Lobby of One Canada Square and in outside spaces around Canary Wharf, this landmark exhibition focuses on the artist's signature materials - Carrara marble, terracotta, cedar wood and bronze. The show presents a diverse selection of Blumenfeld's sculptures dating from the 1970s, tracing her development through some forty-six years, together with items that are newly commissioned by the Canary Wharf Group. LOOKING UP, curated by Ann Elliott, features Blumenfeld's new, monumental three-part sculpture Taking Risks (2019). Carved from Carrara marble, the work highlights the sculptural vocabulary Blumenfeld has refined throughout her career, testing the limits of the materials in which she works. Taking Risks explores the versatility, fluidity and translucency of marble, one of the most valued materials used by sculptors throughout millennia. LOOKING UP highlights Blumenfeld's passion for bringing sculpture to the people and reveals the artist at the height of her powers, as she continues to develop her own widely recognised vision. Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sculpture for over five decades, Blumenfeld has achieved a profound understanding of the materials in which she works, which through immense generosity of spirit, she has passed on to numerous younger generation sculptors as their mentor. LOOKING UP will coincide with an exhibition of the artist's work at Hignell Gallery, details of which will be announced in winter 2019.